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Specialized Services

Leaking bathroom sink

Five Cities Plumbing is able to offer several specialized services to residential and commercial customers. Updated technology is always utilized in order to provide the most cost-effective and reliable service such as : 

Trenchless Water , Gas and Sewer Line Replacement

 Trenchless  pipe replacement can certainly help you avoid the disruption and costs associated with digging long trenches in your yard and tearing up landscaping, hardscaping, driveways and other structures that commonly occurs with replacing damaged sewer lines. 

Gastite Trained and Certified

 The Gastite® system is a safe, time-saving and efficient method of installing piping for natural gas and liquefied propane gas. It utilizes corrugated, semi-rigid stainless steel tubing (CSST) with polyethylene jacketing and fully integrated, all-metal components. 

Socket, Saddle Trained and Certified

Trained and Certified in Whirsbo (AguaPex ) Installation